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Australian Bone Density Testing Centre

Validity of Test
Ultrasound Bone Density Testing - The New Era
The new era of ultrasound can be used with confidence to predict fractures in women who are at a stage of menopause both pre and postmenopausal.

Osteoporosis is considered ‘a systemic skeletal disease characterised by low bone mass and micro architectural deterioration of bone tissue, with a consequent increase of bone fragility and susceptibility to fracture (1).

The goal of early assessment is to prevent bone loss, maintain normal bone quality and reduce future fracture risk.

Bone Ultrasonometry has developed over the last ten years as a sophisticated method for assessment of bone quality that is well accepted in many countries. There are now over 8000 ultrasonometers installed worldwide.
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International Studies Show That Ultrasound Bone Density Testing is a Reliable Technique to Assess Fracture Risk Due to Osteoporosis
Bone Ultrasonometry has been extensively evaluated in Australia, USA and Europe and is found to be a reliable technique to assess fracture risk due to osteoprosis. The American FDA (Federal Drug Authority) the strictest authority in the USA has approved 5 different ultrasound instruments for the routine diagnosis of osteoporosis, determination of fracture risk and monitoring bone changes.

Large prospective studies published in premier scientific journals by eminent international researchers concerned with osteoporosis confirm strong fracture prediction capacity. Doctors can with confidence initiate treatment regimes for their patients. Doctors can use the results, along with information about family history, diet, age, stage of menopause and other risk factors to determine the need for further investigation and management.

Modern science now enables us to determine risk before we break a bone. Ultrasound to measure bone density is radiation free, inexpensive and easily accessible therefore provides the opportunity to bring prevention of osteoporosis by early detection of risk to the forefront of the community.
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