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Australian Bone Density Testing Centre

The Importance of having a Bone Density Test
You Cannot Feel Your Bones Getting Thinner
You cannot see or feel your bones getting thinner, there are no symptoms or early warning signs for osteoporosis. Therefore bone deterioration happens slowly over many years without your knowledge until a fracture occurs.
The only way to establish your bone density is by having a bone density test. Bone density tests indicate a risk factor for osteoporosis, just like blood pressure tests and cholesterol tests indicate risk for cardiovascular disease.
bone density testing graph Bone Density Testing Benefits
According to the Australian Fracture Prevention Summit as stated in the April 2002 MJA there is currently an osteoporotic fracture every 8.1 minutes in Australia. It is reported that at least 40% of women and 25% of men aged over 50 are at increased risk of fracture in their estimated lifetime.
Early assessment of risk combined with lifestyle education for prevention of thinning and maintenance of bone health can dramatically reduce a person s chances of developing osteoporosis in later life.

The test is inexpensive, accessible, fast, painless and because the scan uses ultrasound waves, it s 100% safe and because it s not an x-ray it does not expose patients or staff radiation. The equipment is compact and easily transportable therefore ideal to provide a service to the community via pharmacies and other health related locations.

The lady in the picture below is having her bone density tested by ultrasound technique. This method uses sound waves to measure the density of the inner honey comb part of the bone at the heel, called the trabecular bone (shown in picture on right below). The heel is used because the bone is similar to the bone in the hip and spine. The foot is placed in the ultrasound machine and then sound waves measure the density of the bone.
Quantitative Ultrasound measures 'honecomb'part of the bone at the heel

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